There are two main ways to market your websites in the search engines; though PPC (pay per click) ads or through SEO (search engine optimization). While PPC and SEO are completely different, if done properly, they both achieve the same result. The result is that people come to your website and see what you have to offer. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling something, you’re an affiliate marketer or you just want traffic to your blog; all websites need traffic in order to be successful.

Why is it then that some Internet marketers don’t believe that SEO is marketing? If a website owner is using PPC to drive traffic to their website, no one will question that running PPC ads is a form of marketing. Why then do people question whether getting a website in the top of the search engine results naturally through SEO is marketing or not? Let’s take a look at 6 possible reasons for this.

1. SEO Isn’t Instant

The number one reason why SEO isn’t considered marketing is because there’s no instant pay off. With PPC marketing or other forms of online marketing, you can get pretty quick results soon after you start the process. Unfortunately, search engine optimization is a process that takes time and time isn’t something that people have a lot of.

Another issue about the fact that SEO isn’t instant is money. If a new company is on a small budget, they’re not going to have a ton of money to invest in SEO. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the company or marketing department believes that SEO isn’t a form of marketing, but sometimes it’s not an option regardless of how people feel about it.

2. There’s No “Ad”

When a marketer uses a PPC ad, Facebook ad, banner ad or even a print ad, there’s physical proof of an advertisement. With SEO, the only physical proof is the search result, which at the beginning of the SEO process, may be several dozen pages back in the search results. Sometimes the physical ad is needed for a marketer to feel like they’re actually marketing.

3. Intensive Work

As we’ve mentioned before, there’s nothing instant or quick about SEO and on top of that, it does take a lot of work. This goes against the grain of the quick and powerful solutions that most Internet marketers either preach or claim that they can accomplish these days.

4. Tracking

With SEO, you will have what seems like a million statistics. Marketers don’t want to spend the majority of their time looking over numbers and trying to figure out what they all mean. Marketers once again want results to be quick and simple. Spending days going over traffic statistics, keywords and what content people read the most isn’t a walk in the park.

5. Bragging

There are what seems like millions of marketers shouting to the world how much they know and how awesome they are at marketing. You don’t often hear millions of people say that they’re great at SEO. Does this mean that SEO isn’t marketing? No, it means that SEO is more challenging and it’s more time consuming and therefore, the bragging rights aren’t the same. And by the way, if you hear someone say that they can get your website to the first position in Google for your keywords in 24 hours…you might want to question that statement.

6. You Can’t Teach It In A One Hour Seminar

This isn’t meant to be a dig at online marketers, it’s the simple truth. We love marketing just as much as any other company, but SEO is an ongoing process that a person can’t learn in an hour. Sure, there are plenty of SEO seminars and conferences but they’re not meant to be used for other people to learn how to optimize a website in an hour or less.

SEO is online marketing; it’s simply a different form of online marketing. For some companies, PPC marketing words better but for others, SEO is the better choice. It really depends on your specific situation, your time and your budget.