Forex Social Signals – The idea of trend spotting and making money with that information is not a new idea. With the help of new technologies over the past 20 years, we can no spot new trends and niches at a much quicker rate and with more advanced tools. The Internet Time Machine software, originally set up to monitor worldwide conversation for trends and new product ideas, has recently been updated to monitor the same worldwide conversations, but this time we are looking for profitable FOREX trades and stock market movement. The theory being that if everyone is talking about a stock or FOREX trade, then if you were the first person to take that position or make that trade, you could just piggyback on everyone else’s idea and make money. With the now software scheduled to be launched in the coming weeks, named ITM (for Internet Time Machine) Financial, we are looking at whole new way to gather FOREX signals on daily bases. Now, the ability to monitor a currency trend, check it against Facebook and Twitter results, and make money has never been easier. Up until this point, only the highest level hedge funds and investment banks had access to this type of information, but soon, so will you. Stay tuned and leave a comment to be one of the first beta testers of our new system, ITM Financial.

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