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Is Facebook More Addictive Than Sex? (Niche Alert)


Posted By: The ITM Guys On:
2011-02-01 21:31:05

Is Facebook More Popular Than Sex?

The Internet marketing world is full of small niches and products that appeal to a very small segment of people.  One segment of people that need help are people with addictions.  To be correct, it is actually the loved ones of those with the addictions that are looking for help.  This is a very key distinction when developing a product. You develop a niche product to help an addiction based on the person searching for the answer, not the one who is addicted.

In a recent Russell Brunson video, he mentioned that solving or helping people with addictions is a great niche.  So what are the most popular search terms with the word "addiction" in them, yet that don't have a lot of supply?  The results may surprise you.  If we strip out results related to alcohol, drugs, and oxycotin, you are left with a supply of online niches and ideas for people addicted to digital media.

Facebook addiction comes into our trends analysis as one of the top ranked digital niches for addiction.  The rise of social media and the fear/need to be in constant contact with status updates and tweets has created a problem for people with addictive personalities.  The fact that accessing Facebook is so easy no on mobile or tablet devices only feed the addiction.  New TV sets are being sold now with Facebook and social media widgets built into the remote control.  The need to be updating and "in a loop" is growing ever more important as websites and people flood social media with messages, drowning out personal accounts and peoples interests.

The phrase "internet addiction" shows up as well as a common phrase, as well as appearing as "internet addiction online".  This phrase has along tracking history as the Internet has been around and active a lot longer than Facebook.  (Belive it or not, it's true!)

The number one digital addiction is over on the membership video, and it not only takes up 1 spot, but 2 spots in the top addiction phrases.  If you are a member head over to the membership side and watch the on the #1 searched for digital addiction solution, yet has no product to satisfy the need.