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Should You Manage Your Own PPC Ads?

ShareIn the world of Internet marketing, PPC ads are a desirable way to drive traffic to a website. When you can get your PPC ad on the first page of the search engine results, there’s a decent chance that it will be seen and clicked on. Of course this isn’t always the case, but we’ll […]

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PPC Affiliate Marketing Explained

ShareThere are two sides to PPC marketing. The first side has to do with advertising your website in the search engines using a pay per click program. When a user clicks on the ad you place in the search engine, you get charged per click. The other side has to do with PPC affiliate marketing, […]

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What Are PPC Negative Keywords?

ShareYou unleashed a major PPC campaign for your website or landing page and your site has received a ton of traffic from the campaign. The problem is that even though users are clicking on your pay per click ad, you’re not getting the conversions that you hoped for. There could be a few different reasons […]

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