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Don’t Make Assumptions In Internet Marketing

ShareDuring a casual conversation with a business owner the other day, the subject matter of SEO came up. It’s pretty common for everyone to have their own opinion over search engine optimization, but in this instance, I walked away feeling a little puzzled. In regards to SEO, it was conveyed to me that this business […]

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4 Traps Every Internet Marketer Walks Into

ShareIt doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do, there are going be times when mistakes are made. Sometimes these mistakes are made due to lack of knowledge, while other times they’re made due to the desire of success. Either way, when you’re marketing online, there are traps that you can walk into […]

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Don’t Internet Market If…

ShareIf you look up the phrase “Internet Marketing” in Google, you’re going to be graced with an endless list of results. Without personal search turned on, the total number of results returned for “Internet Marketing” is over one billion. That’s an extravagant number that only continues to rise as more people either start online marketing […]

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6 Reasons Why Internet Marketers Don’t Believe SEO Is Marketing

ShareThere are two main ways to market your websites in the search engines; though PPC (pay per click) ads or through SEO (search engine optimization). While PPC and SEO are completely different, if done properly, they both achieve the same result. The result is that people come to your website and see what you have […]

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Online Marketing Using SlideShare

ShareA few days ago we covered online marketing using Pinterest and today, we’re going to cover online marketing using SlideShare. This series will continue for the next few weeks and it’ll cover lesser-known social networking platforms that online marketers can benefit from. What is SlideShare? SlideShare is a service that allows you to upload your […]

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Knowing Internet Trends Can Help Keep Your Family Safe

ShareTechnology constantly surrounds us and our children. Even if you don’t let your kids use the computer without your supervision, there’s a good chance that they’re surfing the web unsupervised at a friend’s house, at school or on their mobile phone. While it’d be nice to know what our kids are up to 24/7, it’s […]

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