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Google Analytics In Real Time: How Can It Help You?

ShareIf you use Google Analytics to monitor your website and traffic statistics, then you’ve seen all of the changes that Google has made to the service over the last few months. One of the changes that they made is integrating real time reporting. With real time reporting, website owners can see how many people are […]

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Don’t Make Assumptions In Internet Marketing

ShareDuring a casual conversation with a business owner the other day, the subject matter of SEO came up. It’s pretty common for everyone to have their own opinion over search engine optimization, but in this instance, I walked away feeling a little puzzled. In regards to SEO, it was conveyed to me that this business […]

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Top Internet Marketing Blogs: 2012 Edition

ShareHere at The Internet Time Machine, our goal is to provide our readers with up to date and useful information on Internet marketing, social media marketing, PPC Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and SEO. However, there is a world of awesome information regarding Internet marketing and related subject matters out there that shouldn’t be missed. For that […]

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4 Ways Having A Social Media Marketing Plan Can Save Your Efforts From Failing

ShareThe social media marketing train is still moving as fast as ever. When Facebook and Twitter took off, there was quite a bit of speculation over whether or not the hype surrounding businesses using social media for marketing was going to hold strong. Years later, it’s easy to see that businesses are not only using […]

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Should You Manage Your Own PPC Ads?

ShareIn the world of Internet marketing, PPC ads are a desirable way to drive traffic to a website. When you can get your PPC ad on the first page of the search engine results, there’s a decent chance that it will be seen and clicked on. Of course this isn’t always the case, but we’ll […]

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Is Your Business Ready For Timeline?

ShareIn a couple of short days, your Facebook fan page is going to convert to timeline. Is your business ready for timeline? If you’ve already opted to switch over to the new format, you probably know what changes timeline brings and how to navigate those changes. For those of you who are waiting until the […]

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Will Your Website Get Dinged For Being Over Optimized?

ShareJust when you thought that you had your website’s SEO figured out, Google goes and changes things again. For anyone who’s ever worked in SEO or has even done a little bit themselves on their website, you know it’s par for the course. So what’s this latest change and how will it affect website owners? […]

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Why Some Marketers Are Scared Of Niche Marketing

ShareIn Internet marketing, sometimes less is more. With that said, that logic doesn’t always make sense, which is why some marketers are scared of niche marketing. What does make sense on the surface is the logic that if more people see your website, your products, your services etc., the better of a chance you have […]

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Yes, You Really Can Be Terrible At Social Media

ShareA few days ago, we made a post about whether or not social media (or the people using social media) need anger management. There are of course two sides to every story and today, we’re going to explore the other side of why some people and businesses are terrible at social media. While part of […]

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Does Your Story Connect With Consumers?

ShareIn the old days, customers used to be able to walk into their favorite local stores to pick up the products they needed or they used to be able to walk into a local business to talk about services that the business provided. When a consumer did most of their purchasing previous to the Internet, […]

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