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Internet Advertising Methods In 2013

ShareInternet advertising spends have been increasing significantly over the past few years as more and more people become literate in matters surrounding HTML and web standards. However, the biggest push for internet advertising is the massive audience that’s present on the internet compared to the traditional Medias like TV, radio, print and so forth. For […]

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The Video Time Machine: Video Marketing Best Practice From Past, Present & Future

Share1. Use A Reliable Host When you are marketing your video, the last thing you want is an unreliable hosting service that ruins your efforts. It’s important to use a provider that will offer you consistent quality and give you the assurance that your video won’t be spontaneously taken down at any point. Websites such […]

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4 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Start Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign

ShareAffiliate marketing programs are a growing online industrial niche. The more you understand the “other end of the line,” the more successful you will be. This means putting much more effort into understanding whom you are marketing to. 1. The Net Is No Longer Random. The biggest reason why affiliate marketing had a rough start […]

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3 Ways Your Refund Policy Is Killing Sales

ShareYour website is getting traffic, you have an awesome product or service and it seems like everyone is in love with what your business is doing. Then why aren’t you making any sales? It’s a question that online business owners are faced with every day, but when you’re looking for answers, are you looking in […]

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Blogging For Business 101

ShareBlogging for business can be a little tricky from time to time. On one hand, you have to keep your personal thoughts and beliefs out of your blog posts, but on the other hand, if you blog about your business too much, it can come off as though you’re just trying to promote your business […]

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Ebook Writer Software Version 2.0 Is Live!

Share   It’s finally here!   We’ve been working on an update to SaneGen – The Internet Time Machine’s Automatic Niche Product Generator. If you don’t know what it is, this software program:   1. Takes your keywords and searches the internet for top quality content.   2. Displays that content and allows you to […]

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Using Hidden Text May Hide Your Website For Good

ShareA few days ago, we talked about organic link building; what it means and how it affects your website’s ranking in the search engines. Today we’re going to go over information pertaining to hidden text. Hidden text is one out of the many types of over-optimization and search engine spamming techniques that Google has been […]

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What Exactly Is An Organic Link?

ShareWith all of the talk lately surrounding Google’s new algorithm update (known as “Penguin”), it’s important for website owners and Internet marketers to understand the meanings of certain search engine ranking terms. Today we’re going to cover organic links since link spam is at the forefront of websites getting penalized in Google’s search engine results […]

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Google Creates A Zoo? Meet Panda’s New Friend Penguin

ShareA little over a month ago, we relayed that Google was cracking down on websites that were a little too rambunctious with their SEO. Since then, more information has been released about this algorithm; specifically the name of it and more about what Google’s thoughts were behind the update. The algorithm update has been dubbed […]

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When To Start An Email Campaign

ShareThere’s the old saying that “timing is everything” and the statement rings true when it comes to email marketing campaigns. There are a lot of influences on whether or not an email marketing campaign is successful, but timing is a very important influence. If the timing of the campaign is wrong, it can be doomed […]

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