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blogging for businessBlogging for business can be a little tricky from time to time. On one hand, you have to keep your personal thoughts and beliefs out of your blog posts, but on the other hand, if you blog about your business too much, it can come off as though you’re just trying to promote your business without passing along any valuable information. What do you do?

First, don’t completely rule out posting about your own business. A blog on your business website is the perfect place to inform customers and potential customers of what’s going on in your business. Posting about new products, new services or anything that customers need to know is always a good idea. When it comes to posting about your business, the thing to be careful for is making posts that scream “buy me!” or “do business with me!” People don’t like to feel forced into giving a company money and that’s where making blog posts can work against a company.

In regards to personal thoughts and feelings, it’s true that it’s best to keep them out of blog posts unless the thoughts and feelings can be validated in some way. For example, if you think that a certain piece of technology is the best, you can always link to other well known and trusted sources who feel the same way.

Still a little lost on what to post on your business blog? Check out these suggestions:

Promotions and Contests

Your business blog is a great platform to announce promotions and contests that your company may be running. Once you post the information, you can then share it on your social media accounts or even make a video for it and toss it up on YouTube. This way, you have information about the contest or promotion on various channels so that it’s easier for people to find.

Office Photo Days

Internet users like transparency and quite a few companies have seen good reactions from posting photos of what goes on around their office during the course of the day. 


Sticking with transparency for a moment, you can always blog about your team and what they do for your company. Some companies elect to have a “bio” or “professional profiles” pages that lists the important members of the business’s staff, but go past the executives and owners and let people get to know interesting facts about the regular employees who make things run on a daily basis.


A blog is a great place for posting articles and stories but what about videos? Product demonstrations, exciting things around the office and announcements are just a few of ideas that can be brought to life with a video. Once you have a video, put it up on the business blog so that people can view it. Once again, you may want to post it on your social media accounts and on YouTube as well so that the reach goes further.

Writing or posting on a business blog can be challenging but it’s all about being creative and not over-thinking things. Be original and come up with a way to show off why people should trust and do business with your company.

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