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Google Analytics In Real Time: How Can It Help You?

analytics real timeIf you use Google Analytics to monitor your website and traffic statistics, then you’ve seen all of the changes that Google has made to the service over the last few months. One of the changes that they made is integrating real time reporting. With real time reporting, website owners can see how many people are on their website at that given time. Website owners can also see where the visitors are from, how long they’re staying on the website and how they’re navigating the website. In addition, website owners can also view how the user got their website (the traffic source).

All of the data provided in real time reporting in Google Analytics is the same type of information that you can find under your regular reports, so why is real time reporting such a big deal? Think about it this way: If you operated a physical store location selling products or you operate a professional firm that provides services, you can tally information at the end of the day. You can see how many customers you had, where they came from, how much money they spent and other vital data that you need. However, it’s not as easy to track specific data patterns hours or even days later.

Using real time analytics allows you to analyze each user or set of users as they enter and leave your website. Do you get traffic from a partner site during the morning but not any other time of day? Do your website visitors find your website through your PPC ads in the evening, but afternoon traffic seems to come from organic results? Seeing this information unfold right before your eyes can give you a better look into your website’s users so that you can make changes and adjustments to your strategy if necessary. For example, if every Monday of the week, your website’s traffic is the highest between 9 and 10 in the morning, you know that if you have content to add, it’d be a good idea to add it before then.

The biggest advantages of real time analytics is the ability to make quick changes. If you see that a piece of content is getting a lot of views on the day it was published, what can you do to add to it or create another piece of content that will result in people coming to your website? The sooner that you know how people use your website, the sooner that you’ll be able to make changes to accommodate them. Or, if you see that people are entering your website through organic results looking for a certain item or service, you can add those products or services if your business has the ability to do so and the products or services are relevant to your business.

Real time analytics does come with one major flaw: It’s easy to sit there and view your website visitors all day, but that’s time consuming. Instead of spending the day (or days) looking at every user who enters your website, take a few minutes out of each day and view the results. For example, take 15 minutes in the morning and then another 15 minutes in the afternoon and evening. This way, you can get a good idea for how people are using your website at various times of the day but you’re not completely consumed by the data.

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