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Don’t Make Assumptions In Internet Marketing

assumptions in Internet marketingDuring a casual conversation with a business owner the other day, the subject matter of SEO came up. It’s pretty common for everyone to have their own opinion over search engine optimization, but in this instance, I walked away feeling a little puzzled. In regards to SEO, it was conveyed to me that this business owner didn’t care about being on page one of the search engine results because they didn’t feel as though their demographic of customer used the Internet to find their services. It was also conveyed that in the number of years that they were in business and had an online presence that they had not once been contacted by someone who claimed they found them online.

Before tackling the first statement, let’s go over the second statement for a moment. There’s a good chance that the reason why no one was ever mentioning to the company that they found them online was because there was no way to find them online. Sure, the company has a website, but they’ve admitted to completely disregarding SEO. Their website isn’t listed on page one in the search engines and they do no marketing. Essentially, they put their website up and then forgot about it. Then they figured that having a website simply doesn’t work since no one was calling them and telling them that they found their information on the Internet.

What if the situation was different? What if the company paid attention to SEO from the start? If they had, I am sure that the conversation would have also been different. This is the number one mistake that businesses make when it comes to marketing online; they toss up a website and then become frustrated when new customers don’t instantly appear. Think about it this way: If you have a box of business cards sitting on your desk, no one is ever going to call you if they stay on your desk and you never hand them out. It works the same way when you have a website and when you try to use the Internet to market. It’s not going to help you unless people have your business’s information in their hands- and the only way to get it into their hands is to be found on the first page of the search results (organically or through PPC ads).

The first statement made by the business was equally as puzzling. They assumed that their demographic of customers doesn’t look for their services online. Don’t make assumptions in Internet marketing. To start with, there’s no solid data to back up the claims being made about their targeted demographic. Matter of fact, the data swings in the other direction- people in that demographic do use the Internet to find services related to the business. On top of that, there are other demographics that they could be marketing to that need the services that the company is offering but they’re only choosing to try and reach a very thin slice of the population. Of course there’s something to be said for niche marketing, but it’s also not a good idea to ignore other potential customers.

Unfortunately, both statements can be traced back to the fact that the business doesn’t feel like being online works for them because they never receive any business from it. Over the years, this has been the general thought among businesses who create a presence online because they’re told that they need to be online, only to never receive any results from it. A business doesn’t just need to be online though; they need to make an effort to be seen online. If they don’t or they simply make assumptions in Internet marketing, those results will never come.

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