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Tips For Finding Creativity

finding creativityThe last few years have been quite rough on businesses large and small. Whether you own an offline business or all of your revenue comes from doing business online, lack of consumer spending and competition is making it tough to get by. Unless you’re a Fortune 500 company or a well-known brand, you need to inject creativity into your marketing efforts in order to get noticed. The same old song and dance is something that consumers got sick of a long time ago, making thinking outside of the box a necessary skill to have.

While creativity is needed, it’s not something that comes naturally or at beck and call to everyone. Even the best and the brightest can struggle with coming up with creative ideas to put into action. While coming up with the next big thing can’t be guaranteed, there are things that you can do in order to improve the chances of getting your creativity to flow. Here are tips for finding creativity that anyone can use:

1. Stop focusing on what everyone else is doing. One of the most common mistakes that people make when trying to come up with their own creative ideas is to look at what others have done with the hopes that it will spur an idea or two. While you may get an idea or two out of it, there are a few problems with focusing on what’s already been done. The main issue is that being creative involves coming up with something original. If you look to what others have done in order to help you out, there’s an improved chance that your ideas will mimic what’s already been done even if you had no intention to end up with those results. On top of that, if you focus too much on what others have done, it can be discouraging, especially if you’re trying to jar a creative idea based off of someone else’s success. When someone else sees success and you don’t, it causes stress, which is only going to hinder your ability to be creative.

2. Get away from your work for a little bit. Most people try to come up with creative ideas for their work while they’re working. When you’re working however, you have a ton of things on your mind and stress that you may not have if you’re outside of your work environment. Try holding brain-storming sessions away from the office or even take a mini vacation so that you’re not exposed to your every day stresses.

3. Don’t toss out ideas right away just because they might not seem like good ideas or feasible ideas at that moment. Write things down so that ideas can be added to or changed as time goes along. You never know…something that didn’t sound good today might end up developing into your best strategy a few weeks or months down the road.

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