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The 4 Best Places To Put Affiliate Ads On A Website

affiliate ad placementAffiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways for a person to make money online and it is also one of the easiest ways. In a typical affiliate marketing situation, the marketer promotes products and services from other companies. This is done by the marketer placing ads or links on their website that lead to the products or services that they are marketing. When an Internet user clicks an ad or link and they follow through with a purchase, the affiliate marketer makes a percentage of that sale. This type of affiliate program is known as a “pay per sale” program.

There are also pay per click and pay per impression affiliate programs as well and in these instances, the affiliate makes money when an Internet user clicks one of their links or ads or simply views the link or advertisement. Any of the three types (pay per sale, pay per click or pay per impression) may be used by an affiliate marketer or they may choose to use a combination of all three types of programs on their website. Regardless, the affiliate marketer makes money when they drive the sales of the company selling the product or service that is being promoted.

There are several different places to put affiliate ads and links on a website but not every location on a website is going to have the same results. When it comes down to it, there is no sure fire way of knowing what position on a website is going to do better than other places when it comes to the performance of affiliate ads or links. Another consideration is that not all websites are the same and they do not all serve the same purpose. For those reasons, a good location for an affiliate ad or link on one website may not be the best location for another type of website.

There are however areas on a website that do seem to, in general perform better than others when it comes to placing affiliate ads and links for pretty common sense reasons. In our opinion, here are the 4 best places to put affiliate ads on a website:

1. Beneath the header image but above the content. This is a common place for banner ads to go and it makes sense that ads placed here tend to perform well. Banner ads are normally large, which make them easily noticed and the Internet user does not have to scroll down the page at all to be able to view the advertisement.

2. The right hand sidebar. People read from left to right and therefore, they scroll across websites in a left to right direction. By placing ads in the right sidebar, the user’s eyes are drawn to them simply by the direction their eyes take when they reach the page.

3. In relation to text links, in the first few paragraphs of an article is a good place to start. If your content is interesting then users may read the whole article but if they do not find the information that they are looking for in the first few paragraphs than they might venture away from the article that they are reading. Therefore, if you place text links in the first few paragraphs, they are more likely to be seen than if you stick them near the bottom of the article or content.

4. For other ad types, above and below an article or piece of content is a good place. As noted in number 3, ads can be missed if they are placed at the bottom but there are going to be times where you want to put them there, such as if you know that your website or blog readers tend to read your whole articles.

    Keep in mind that the 4 places listed above are places that have commonly seen good results and it is no indication or guarantee that your website and affiliate ads will perform better by placing ads or links in those spots. In order to find the best place for your website or blog for your affiliate ads, you should be testing out different spots to see which ones work out the best.

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