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How to Market and Sell E-Books on the Internet

Remember the days when a good way to relax was to sit down with a good book and read it from cover to cover? That’s still a goodhow to sell ebooks onlineway to relax, but the Internet has changed the way that people will read books forever.

A person no longer has to go to the bookstore in order to buy the latest release from their favorite author; they can simply download the book to either their computer or an E-book reader and start scrolling through the pages. E-books save the reader the trip to the store and what’s even better is that a person can keep all of their books on one device that they can access any time.

E-books have not just changed the way people read books though; they have also changed the book publishing industry immensely. Writers used to spend months, if not years trying to get a book that they wrote published and in the end, many books never get published at all. Due to the Internet, pretty much anyone can pick a subject to write about and find a targeted group of people who will be interested in it.

E-books are not just novels from famous authors, there are books from people who have never been published traditionally that are about all sorts of subject matters. The problem these days is not writing the book or putting it together in an E-book format so that it can be made available online. The problem today is marketing the E-book so that the writer can sell it.

There are several different ways to market and sell E-books on the Internet. A writer does not have to be limited to one options as they can explore as many options as they would like. The key is finding a marketing method that works so that sales of the E-book can increase over time.

Here are several ways to market and sell E-books on the Internet that may be useful to writers or marketers out there who need a few different ideas:

Set Up a Niche Blog or Website

One of the easiest ways to spread the word about the E-book that you wrote is to have a blog or a website where people can read about it, find out more about you and maybe even get to view a free snippet of the book if you make that option possible. The more you blog, the more people you can possibly connect with which may lead to more sales.

Send the Book to Popular Bloggers

Find bloggers that may find your book interesting. For example, if your book is about dieting, then look for popular blogs about dieting and exercise. Before you send out a copy or email them a copy of your E-book, you should email them to see if they would be interested. There is no sense in sending out free copies of your E-book if the blogger has no desire to read it. If they do read it though, you could also see if you could arrange reviews of your E-book which would drive more traffic to your website.

Use Online Writing Communities

There are several online writing communities where fellow writers go to chat, read advice columns, get to know each other and make contacts in the industry. These online communities are a good place to start spreading the word about your E-book and making connections with other writers.

Use Social Media

Using social media is one of the easiest ways to get people interested in a product that you are offering. Use Facebook and Twitter to connect with people who may have an interest in your book and make sure to stay involved.

Get the Book Listed on Amazon

There are 2 ways to sell a book through Amazon; you can either publish it as an E-book or you can use their manufacturing on demand option if you are interested in turning your E-book into a physical book to sell. Either way, both options are really easy to get started in and millions of people shop through Amazon.

Don’t Count Out ClickBank

If you are marketing and trying to sell a steamy romance E-book, then Clickbank might not be the place for your product. But if you are marketing and selling a “how to” type of E-book, then don’t count it out.

The ways that you can market and sell an E-book on the Internet that are listed above are just breaking the ice. Not every method will work for every writer, every marketer or every book. However, the Internet gives those who are interested in self publishing their writings a very simple place to do so without the hassle of traditional publishing or marketing.

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