There’s a big myth that surrounds social media marketing. The myth is that having a Facebook profile for your business, a Twitter account for your business, a YouTube account and a business blog means that a business owner is going to see success from social media marketing. The reason that this is a myth is because mistakes can be made in social media marketing that hurts your business more than it helps it.

When you’re marketing online through platforms like Facebook and Twitter for example, they are easy to use and most people are at least familiar with them. This can lead to people feeling overly confident about their social media skills when they actually don’t know anything about what it takes to see success from it. You need to learn how to be effective at it just like you need to learn any other online marketing technique.

To show you how mistakes can be made, here are 6 ways that social media marketing can go wrong:


Everyone has bad days here and there but you don’t want to let current or potential customers know about it. You may think it’s harmless to go on and on about how one of your customers yelled at you or how you didn’t make a lot of money last month, but people on the other side of the fence may view it as whining. When it comes to money, it’s also good to remember that if you complain about a lack of it, that’s going to make your customers wonder if your business is stable or financially secure.

Being Judged for Everything You Say (or don’t say)

Every word you post on social media websites, your blog, your YouTube channel and any other outlets that you use to help you market are going to be watched, listened to and scrutinized. This means that you may say something or post something that’s offensive to people even when you had no intention to do so.

Not Being Able to Help

As a business owner, you have a lot going on and that’s completely understandable. Due to your schedule, you may find yourself hiring or asking someone else to manage your social media accounts for you. Many companies do this but if you don’t choose the right person then your company’s reputation is at stake. If the person who is posting on your social media profiles doesn’t know answers to questions that customers are asking or cannot converse about what’s going on in your business, then people will start to question the credibility of not only you, but your business as well.

Getting Too Personal

It’s very important to have separate business social media profiles and accounts that are not linked to or connected with your personal profiles and accounts. You never know when a setting might be missed and you may end up letting all of your customers know about your personal life even if you didn’t intend for it to happen that way.

Becoming a Spam Artist

If it’s not every 5 minutes or every hour, then you might think that all of those links that you post are not going to irritate those who are interested in your business. However, depending on how you word things, the content that’s attached to the links etc., it can only take one or two a day for people to get annoyed and fed up. When you’re posting links to your content or things that you promote, start off slowly and when you post, post it once and then give it some time before you post it again. A few days or a week doesn’t count.

Not Using All Aspects of Social Media

If you have a Facebook and Twitter account and use them regularly, that’s a great start but those aren’t the only aspects of social media marketing. YouTube, LinkedIn and blogs are also very important aspects. There are also smaller social media type sites that you may be able to find some luck on as well and you’re not doing your business any favors by only focusing on one or two platforms of social media.

There are a lot of mistakes that can be made in social media marketing and the six above doesn’t even scratch the surface. There is plenty of research to be had and that can easily be found online regarding the differences between good social media marketing and bad social media marketing. Before you get started, take the time to find out those differences so that you don’t find yourself making mistakes right out of the gate.