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The New Ebay - Self Storage Auctions - ITM ALERT


Posted By: The ITM Guys On:
2011-01-06 10:01:07

At first there was Ebay.  Then Craig's List came along and re-created classified ads.  Now, the Internet marketing software at the Internet Time Machine has spotted another niche revolution going on and it is wide open to all marketers and product creators.

The marketing alert came in on the morning of January 5, 2011.  The phrase moving up the charts had gone from #5,000 to #145 in a matter of months.  The phrase is "storage facility auctions". This sudden surge usually corresponds with a major press or public display like Oprah talking about it, or Obama buying one.  This time the surge is related to a TV show on Spike TV called "Auctions Hunters".  This niche show, as I mention in the video, is like watching a car accident.  Once you see 5 minutes, you are hooked. It is the appeal of "lost treasure" or "one man's trash is another man's treasure".

Currently this one phrase has 50,000 searches per month and it can build a list of people who are looking to make money, a very good thing for future products related to Internet marketing.

The niche revolves around the idea that once a client stops paying his or her self storage bill, a process begins to take possession of the unit.  If the owner doesn't come forward at some point, it is fair game to be auctioned off to the public.  This is where the show picks up.  The bidding is done in front of the unit and it is an old fashion auction.  You are allowed to look in the unit, but you can't go it or touch anything. So if there are blankets or sheets covering things, you need to do your best guess work on what the unit contains and what it could be worth.

The need for information around this niche product is huge right now.  Demand is growing, and it is like having the first Ebay guide out there.  This is Ebay for the neighborhood. Thousands of weekend antique shoppers and scavenger hunters are lining up for this niche and they need help in how for a plan of attack.  Some suggestions are a guide on how to find the best auctions.  A guide on how to judge value based on what you can see in the unit or maybe tip sheet on bidding tips would be a great starter product.

This is a fantastic idea and alert.  If you hit the Facebook like button above you will letting other Internet Time Machine members on Facebook know you like it and maybe there is a JV or teaming up option for people to work together.  Hit the Facebook like button if you think this is a good niche and let's see  how many people might want to work on something together.

As a bonus : We control the domain " .net. info".  We will give them away free to the person that does a Facebook post about The Internet Time Machine and what they would do with this niche.

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