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4 Ways Having A Social Media Marketing Plan Can Save Your Efforts From Failing

ShareThe social media marketing train is still moving as fast as ever. When Facebook and Twitter took off, there was quite a bit of speculation over whether or not the hype surrounding businesses using social media for marketing was going to hold strong. Years later, it’s easy to see that businesses are not only using […]

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(VIDEO) Facebook and Twitter Can Predict Stock Market Movements Up To 83%

Share  Forex Social Signals – The idea of trend spotting and making money with that information is not a new idea. With the help of new technologies over the past 20 years, we can no spot new trends and niches at a much quicker rate and with more advanced tools. The Internet Time Machine software, […]

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Using The Delete Button To Manage Social Media Blunders

ShareAnother day, another person ranting about something on Twitter. It’s no secret that Twitter is a very powerful tool when it comes to customer service. Over the past several years consumers have demanded more transparency from companies and Twitter is a great platform to be just that. People have realized that the quickest way to […]

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Oh No! Twitter Went Down…What Do You Do?

ShareNo, Twitter is not really down but the title of this post has a point. Twitter has gone down before, as has Facebook and other social media websites that Internet marketers commonly use to promote their products. Not only do social media websites go down, but servers go down, websites break and technology is not […]

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