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Using Hidden Text May Hide Your Website For Good

ShareA few days ago, we talked about organic link building; what it means and how it affects your website’s ranking in the search engines. Today we’re going to go over information pertaining to hidden text. Hidden text is one out of the many types of over-optimization and search engine spamming techniques that Google has been […]

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What Exactly Is An Organic Link?

ShareWith all of the talk lately surrounding Google’s new algorithm update (known as “Penguin”), it’s important for website owners and Internet marketers to understand the meanings of certain search engine ranking terms. Today we’re going to cover organic links since link spam is at the forefront of websites getting penalized in Google’s search engine results […]

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Google Creates A Zoo? Meet Panda’s New Friend Penguin

ShareA little over a month ago, we relayed that Google was cracking down on websites that were a little too rambunctious with their SEO. Since then, more information has been released about this algorithm; specifically the name of it and more about what Google’s thoughts were behind the update. The algorithm update has been dubbed […]

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Will Your Website Get Dinged For Being Over Optimized?

ShareJust when you thought that you had your website’s SEO figured out, Google goes and changes things again. For anyone who’s ever worked in SEO or has even done a little bit themselves on their website, you know it’s par for the course. So what’s this latest change and how will it affect website owners? […]

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Is Your Anchor Text Sinking Your Link Building Ship?

ShareWhen you’re link building back to your website (otherwise known as building backlinks), are you paying attention to the anchor text of those links? One mistake that’s often made by people who are just starting out in link building for the first time is that they don’t use good anchor text in their links or […]

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5 SEO Tips You Might Not Know

ShareNew to SEO? As you’ve probably figured out by now, search engine optimization is a vast field that includes several different sub-areas. Even if you’ve been trying your hand at optimizing your website for a while now, it can take years to learn a good deal of information about SEO. Then of course, once you […]

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5 Reasons To Outsource Tasks You Hate

ShareEveryone can name at least one thing about their job that they don’t like and this isn’t any different for online marketers. The problem is that if you continue to do the tasks that you don’t like, your work isn’t going to be at its best level and therefore, your overall online marketing campaign is […]

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SEO Tip Sheet For New Websites

ShareWhere do you start optimizing your new website? Is there one area that you should focus on or should you spread out your SEO efforts over time? Optimizing your new website is going to seem like the most overwhelming and time consuming thing that you’ve done because you need to start with step one and […]

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Google’s Results vs. Results

ShareHave you ever done a taste test?  How about a search engine test where both sites were winners?  Take a look at Ali Khan, head of the trend and niche finding software at The Internet Time dissect search results from Google and

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5 People Every Internet Marketer Should Know And Utilize

ShareWhen you work in Internet marketing, you may try to do anything and everything yourself but there are two problems with that situation. The first problem is that you are only one person and that you might not realistically have time to do everything that you need to do yourself. The second problem is that […]

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