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Using Hidden Text May Hide Your Website For Good

ShareA few days ago, we talked about organic link building; what it means and how it affects your website’s ranking in the search engines. Today we’re going to go over information pertaining to hidden text. Hidden text is one out of the many types of over-optimization and search engine spamming techniques that Google has been […]

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5 SEO Tips You Might Not Know

ShareNew to SEO? As you’ve probably figured out by now, search engine optimization is a vast field that includes several different sub-areas. Even if you’ve been trying your hand at optimizing your website for a while now, it can take years to learn a good deal of information about SEO. Then of course, once you […]

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What Are PPC Negative Keywords?

ShareYou unleashed a major PPC campaign for your website or landing page and your site has received a ton of traffic from the campaign. The problem is that even though users are clicking on your pay per click ad, you’re not getting the conversions that you hoped for. There could be a few different reasons […]

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How Much Focus Should Be Put On Keywords?

ShareKeywords- something that we have heard about probably a million times too many. They are part of marketing; they are part of SEO (search engine optimization) and they are what people type into the search box when they are trying to find something online. But how important are they really and how much focus should […]

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