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Is Your Website’s Content Making Your SEO Draw The Short End Of The Stick?

ShareGoogle made it very clear with the Panda update that website owners should be placing emphasis on high quality content. The issue is that even if you have a lot of content on your website, your SEO may still be suffering. This is because what Google considers to be high quality content and what website […]

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New Google Privacy Policies- How Will It Effect You?

ShareIn case you didn’t get your email that Google sent out or you haven’t seen Google’s blog post regarding updates that they’ve made to their privacy policy, it’s important to check out as it’s going to affect your user experience when you’re signed into Google accounts. It’s also going to affect your privacy. The changes go […]

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What Are PPC Negative Keywords?

ShareYou unleashed a major PPC campaign for your website or landing page and your site has received a ton of traffic from the campaign. The problem is that even though users are clicking on your pay per click ad, you’re not getting the conversions that you hoped for. There could be a few different reasons […]

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Feel Like You’re Always Behind The Curve On SEO?

ShareDo you feel like you’re always behind the curve on SEO? Don’t worry, this is a common feeling among website owners. It seems like as soon as you have things all figured out and your site is performing well organically, you wake up one day to see that all of your efforts have gone out […]

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Learn Internet Marketing Lead Generation

ShareIn Internet marketing, in order to create sales, you first need to create leads. If you have an online business or website, you may not realize that some of the work that you’re doing is regarded as lead generation. The definition of lead generation varies depending on the source you obtain it from, but the […]

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SEO and Misspelled Keywords

ShareMarkting Intrnet Ebok Algorythum Serch engine Bicicle No, we didn’t forget about Spellcheck here today at The Internet Time Machine. The keyboard isn’t broken and the cat didn’t happen to pounce on a few letters when the list above was being typed out. Then why make a list of misspelled words? Because Internet users search […]

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Search Engine Focus: How Do Users Find Your Website?

ShareHow do users find your website? If you take a peek at your analytics account, your top two answers are probably going to be Google and direct traffic. For this reason, website owners, Internet marketers and online business owners tend to place most of their focus on optimizing their website for Google. This line of […]

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Quality Of The Web: Why Bad Websites Still Exist

ShareIf you’ve been focusing on your website’s quality score, there’s one major frustration that many site owners constantly face. This frustration stems from the fact that the search engines take the age of a website into account when they rank its importance. If a domain has been in use for several years and the website’s […]

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How Useful Is A Tag Cloud For Internet Marketing and SEO?

ShareThere are a lot of different elements that you can incorporate on your website that are beneficial for SEO and Internet marketing. Tag clouds have been around for quite a few years and they’re most often associated with blogs, but how good are they for Internet marketing and SEO? We’ll explore that question today so […]

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Google Updates Analytics To Include New Features

ShareIf you’ve ever used Google Analytics than you know how comprehensive it is. There isn’t too much that you can’t find out about your website performance using this program but it was actually lacking in a few different areas. First, information looked quite crowded when you viewed it. Stats were jumbled together you often had […]

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