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When To Start An Email Campaign

email marketing campaign timingThere’s the old saying that “timing is everything” and the statement rings true when it comes to email marketing campaigns. There are a lot of influences on whether or not an email marketing campaign is successful, but timing is a very important influence. If the timing of the campaign is wrong, it can be doomed from the start.

Why Is Timing So Important?

The obvious reason why it’s important is because you don’t want to be marketing products or services that are out of season. For example, you wouldn’t want to start an email marketing campaign on snow removal services if it’s summer. If consumers don’t have a current need for the products or services being marketed in the email campaign at that moment in time, it’s a wasted effort.

Another reason that timing is important is because your targeted audience reads their emails at certain times of the day. It’s a bit tricky to figure out, but think about the demographic of people that you’re sending emails to. Are they business people who are going to be checking their email first thing in the morning Monday through Friday or are they college students who are going to be checking their email during the evenings after class and on the weekends? If you can figure out when the demographic of people that you want to reach checks their email, you can make sure that your email campaign is started at the right time of day.

Now that you know why timing is so important, let’s take a look at when to start an email campaign. The timing of when the emails are sent is important but so is the timing of the overall campaign. Here are a few times when you should consider starting your campaign:

1. During pre-product release (sending out emails in advance informs people of what’s coming up)

2. Once a product has been released (follow up from the pre-release email)

3. When you offer a new service

4. When you’re offering a promotion

5. When there’s something exciting happening at your company

One mistake that online marketers tend to make when they start an email campaign or when they send out emails as part of their campaign is that the emails don’t contain any substance or enough substance. Don’t simply send out emails for the sake of sending out emails. A quick way to get people to unsubscribe is to send them emails full of information that they don’t need or don’t want. By only starting an email campaign when there’s something really important going on, you’re showing those who sign up for your list that you’re not going to spam them with useless information and that they’re going to receive stuff that they want or need from you.

Timing goes into everything. Whether you’re just starting an email campaign and you’re currently in the process of getting people to sign up or you already have a full email marketing campaign going on, when you do things is often just as important as how you do things.

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