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5 Days of Making Money Online: Blogging

make money bloggingLooking to make money online? You’re in luck! Here at The Internet Time Machine, we’re starting a new “5 Days of Making Money” series to help you get started. 5 Days of Making Money is going to include 5 different opportunities for making money online. Each day there will be a new post with a different idea or method for making money online. Most of the opportunities that you’ll read about in this series are common ways to make money online. We’re not trying to break new ground here…just simply pass along information to help you get started with information about a few different opportunities that are available.

Let’s get started with day 1 of 5 Days to Make Money Online with Blogging.

Even though blogging has been around for quite a few years now, it’s still one of the most widely used methods of making money online. There are critics out there who will claim that the days of making money by blogging are gone, but if that was the case, there wouldn’t be so many blogs being started. Of course not everyone starts a blog to make money, but a blog does take money to start up and run (usually) and if there was no money to be had, all bloggers would be spending out of pocket money each and every month and year to maintain their blogs.

The main reason why there are critics who claim that making money via blogging is no longer a viable option is because there’s a general thought process where it’s believed that if you’re going to make money online, then it should be easy and instant. Making money online by blogging is neither of those things, which means that some people just don’t feel it’s worth investing time and money in. This leads us to one of the biggest key points that you need to know if you’re considering starting a blog to make money online.

Blogging takes time, effort and work. You won’t receive instant success or any success at all unless you’re dedicated and a good effort is put into it. Blogging IS a job.¬†

While we’re talking about critics, another reason why some believe that blogging isn’t a good way to make money online is because most blogs fail to actually bring in any income. That may sound discouraging if you’re thinking about starting up a blog, but consider this: There are so many reasons why a blog failed that it’s impossible to list them all. Starting a blog never guarantees any income level or that any money will be made at all- just like with any other business. If you start a dog training business and it fails, that doesn’t mean that all dog training businesses will fail. It means that there was a reason that it failed…sometimes reasons that are out of your control and sometimes for reasons that were within your control. This brings us to the next key point:

There’s no guarantee that blogging will ever make you or anyone else money. It’s a business and there are factors that go into determining whether success is realized. Time put into it, dedication, knowledge, the niche the blog is about, website traffic, SEO, marketing, how money is trying to be made etc. These are just a few of the factors that go into overall blog success or lack thereof.¬†

Now that you know why there are critics of blogging and trying to run blogging as a business, let’s look at a few different methods of making money by blogging.

There are three main ways to make money online by blogging.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you place ads or links on your website that point to someone else’s products or services. When a user clicks on a link (image, text etc.) and they go to the other person’s or business’s website and they make a purchase for the product or service being linked to, you’d earn a small commission from the sale. Each affiliate marketing program is different, so the earning potential is going to greatly vary from program to program.

2. Advertising

Advertising is when you place ads of other business websites on your website. Generally, you can have instructions for people on how they should contact you if they want to advertise on your website. You can also choose to use an ad management service where people can find that you offer ad space on your website and they can elect to advertise on your website through that service. This kind of ad differs from affiliate marketing because rather than being paid when a sale is made, you’re paid to host the ad on your website for a certain period of time. The amount you’re paid can either be a flat fee or it can be based on how many impressions the ad has. (Impressions are usually based on how many unique views your website has over a certain period of time.)

3. Using It In Conjunction With Selling Services Or Products

One of the challenges of making money online is marketing whatever it is that you’re doing or selling. Being found on the first page of the search results is an excellent way of getting your business known, building your brand and increasing the potential to make money. ¬†Sometimes blogging is purely used for search engine optimization purposes. In this situation, a person or business will set up their website to sell their products or services and then they’ll also set up a blog. The person or business will then use the blog to build content on their website, which the search engines will be able to index. Keywords that are included in blog posts can help tell the search engines what the website is about so that the search engines know where to list the website.


1. Blogging is all about interaction with the audience that you’re writing for and it’s all about the information that you’re providing. Try to be too pushy to make money on it and any readers that you do have will disappear. It’s important to build a good reputation for your blog and then slowly ease into trying to make a profit from it. People don’t naturally want to give you money or click your links, especially if they’re not sure that they should trust the information that you’re providing.

2. Making money from blogging has never been, is not and never will be a guarantee. It’s not a job that you can turn to if you want to see instant income and success.

3. Your blog should contain good information that people are looking for. Do your keyword research, connect with the audience and implement SEO to help build traffic to your blog.

What You’ll Need:

To get started in blogging, you’ll need a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress. A hosting account (shared is fine to start with but if your blog starts receiving a lot of traffic, you may find it beneficial to move to a different type of hosting plan), a domain name, stock images, a blog theme or custom design and web content writing capabilities.

Stay tuned for day 2 of the 5 Days of Making Money Online! Next up…Affiliate Marketing.

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