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Google Updates Analytics To Include New Features

new analytics featuresIf you’ve ever used Google Analytics than you know how comprehensive it is. There isn’t too much that you can’t find out about your website performance using this program but it was actually lacking in a few different areas. First, information looked quite crowded when you viewed it. Stats were jumbled together you often had to click through several pages to find the numbers or information that you wanted.

The second area that Google Analytics was lacking in was incorporating social media statistics in an easy to use fashion. You could piece things together and come up with a possible resolution but social media engagement wasn’t an area that stood out when you logged into your account.

The two areas above aren’t the biggest issue that users had with Google Analytics though; that award goes to the fact that you weren’t able to see real time visitor stats. Traffic results were delayed by at least a day and that meant that you had no way of knowing how many visitors you had on your website at any given time. Luckily, Google listened and real time stats are one of the new features that they’ve included.

They started rolling out this feature a little over a month ago but there is the chance that you may not have noticed it yet. In order to access this feature, you need to be using the new version of Analytics, not the old version. To start viewing real time stats, switch to the new version and then click on the “home” tab at the top. The feature is still in Beta and you’ll find it on the left hand side of your screen. To find out more about how real time reporting can help you and your website, read Google’s announcement.

What about the other two lacking features that we mentioned above? If you go to the “standard reporting” tab at the top of your account and look at the left hand sidebar again, you’re going to see where it says “social.” From there you can see who engaged with your website socially, actions that were taken and social stats about pages.

The new features are great and you’ll find them beneficial to any online venture you’re involved in but one of the most noted changes is the new design and layout. Things aren’t as cluttered anymore and the dashboard has a cleaner look to it. You can navigate your website stats easier and everything is just lighter. Time efficiency is key to website owners and by improving the layout and navigation, it’s going to save you a ton of time. Rather than sifting through page after page to get the stats that you need, you can simply go in and get out.

If you don’t utilize any type of analytics for your website, it’s time to get involved. It’ll provide you with the vital information that you need in order to determine how well your website is important which in turn can lead to improvements.

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