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Do I Need To Have A Blog To Market Online?

marketers need bloggingOne of the decisions that you’re going to be faced with when you decide to get into Internet marketing is whether or not you need to have a blog. Are blogs overrated or are they a vital tool that you need to have in order to be successful in marketing your business online? Let’s take a look at both sides of the fence in order to help you figure out if you need to have a blog to market online.

There are quite a few reasons why Internet marketers choose to set up blogs and utilize them but one of the main reasons is because of search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines love content and in the content is where the keywords go that’ll help get your website found in the search engines. Blogs allow a quick an easy platform for getting content up on your website without having to go through the hassle of creating another page to write about something different.

Another reason why blogs are so popular is because they help create and increase website traffic. When an Internet user finds your blog or a post from your blog in the search engine they’re using, they may also navigate through the rest of your website. If you’re selling a product or service, it’s a great way to get people on your website so that they can find out more information.

Most online marketers are busy and they have multiple websites or businesses to keep track of. If you decide to use blogging as one of your strategies, many of the popular blogging platforms that are available to you will allow you to update the blog or make new posts from email or your mobile phone. This means that you can keep things rolling even when you’re away from the office or out of town.

Is there a downside to blogging? Nothing in life is perfect and the same can be said about blogging, even though the positives do seem to far outweigh the negatives. To be fair though, blogging does take time and you’re not going to receive instant results from it. You’ll need to take the time to craft posts that will draw people in and build up enough content to show the search engines that you mean business. The other obvious factor is that you’re going to need to know how to write compelling blog posts that please both the search engines and the people who read your posts. If you’re not in the position to do this, then there’s always the option to hire someone to work on your blog for you.

Have there been successful Internet marketers who never blogged? Of course there have, but why not give yourself the best chance of success? It shouldn’t be your only marketing strategy but it’s a good tool to include in your overall strategy.

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