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Using YouTube as an Affiliate Marketing Tool

affiliate marketing youtubeThe website YouTube receives over a billion views per day but it’s one of the tools that is most often left out of affiliate marketing strategies. Those who have grasped the power of YouTube for all of their online marketing needs have seen the benefits of using it rise in the past few years.

Using YouTube as an affiliate marketing tool is not difficult and it doesn’t even have to be time consuming. While nicely done videos will be beneficial to your campaign, it’s also good to remember that you don’t need to go out and buy fancy video equipment in order to see a gain from posting videos online. Even if you’re camera shy, you can still see some benefits by using a screen capture program where you record what’s happening on your computer screen while you talk over it. This is a great method of providing training and product demonstration videos as well.

So what are the different ways that you can go about using YouTube as an affiliate marketing tool? There are many and we’ve highlighted a few of them below:

  • Videos allow you to showcase your affiliate products or services. You can talk about the products, show demonstrations of how they work and tell consumers what they can use the products for. The key is making what you’re selling something that people watching the video need.
  • A video or videos on YouTube is a great way to get your website address out there. You can put your website URL in the video or you can list it in the video description that shows up below the video box. This is especially helpful when you’re marketing numerous affiliate products on your website and you need to get extra traffic there in order to get those products noticed.
  • You can use videos to do interviews with other people that use the products or services that you’re marketing.
  • You can inject a sense of humor or topic matters that people can easily relate to and this can translate into people wanting to know more.
  • You can showcase your business logo in the videos and this will help people remember your brand.

When it comes to using YouTube as an affiliate marketing tool, you can come up with several creative ideas using the suggestions above or ones that you come up with yourself. The nice thing about this strategy is that there are so many different things that you can do. Recording a video is a nice change of pace as well from your daily routine and it can help spark creativity.

If you’re not using YouTube in your affiliate marketing plan, it might be time to think over this option to see if it fits into your goals. Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to engage the benefits you can see from it.

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