If you’ve been down the Internet marketing road only to not see the results you were looking for monetarily or otherwise, then read on. If you’re thinking about starting your own Internet marketing business and you’re concerned about not going into it with the right mind set or you’re worried about making mistakes, then read on as well.

The truth is that not every Internet marketing business succeeds- they more often fail than not and there are many reasons for the lack of success. To bring light to some of the issues that prevent success, we’ve composed a list of 10 reasons why people fail at Internet marketing. Full disclosure- even if you’re not making any of these mistakes, that doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed success. Many factors go into determining someone’s success in any type of business and Internet marketing is no different.

Lack of Research

One of the reasons why people fail at Internet marketing is because they jump into it without doing any research. You may have an idea stuck in your head and then you decide to roll with it without actually knowing anything about the niche or how it’s faired performance wise in the past. For example, if other people or companies have tried to market a product or service in the past and every single person has seen the same results, there may be a good reason for the product or service not performing well. Maybe there’s no consumer demand for it right now and that’s something you won’t know until you do the proper research.

No Business Plan

It doesn’t matter if your plan is to create one small niche website to market or if you’re planning to launch the next big Internet marketing company- you still need a business plan. Without a business plan, your goals can get lost along the way and if you lose focus of why you’re doing what you’re doing, then it can create a problem.

Already Been Done

Another reason is that you end up trying to market a product or service that’s already been done several times before by other people. If there is too much competition, then your website and your products can easily get lost in the mix. Those who have seen success often see it by developing or marketing unique products that have a consumer or business demand that don’t already have a ton of competition.