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4 Ways a Blog Can Help Internet Marketing

Do Internet marketers have to be bloggers too?

The simple answer is no, but it all depends on how much you want to help your Internet marketing and website traffic grow. If you want to give yourself a powerful tool that can help your website and the products you are marketing be found in the search engines more easily and you want to increase your sales, then the answer is yes.

There is a ton of information out there on how having a blog can help Internet marketing efforts, but the information is sometimes vague and all over the place. Here are 4 straight forward ways that having a blog can help Internet marketing:

  1. Organic traffic from the search engines. There is nothing wrong with using PPC (pay per click) ads to drive traffic to your website. However, PPC does cost money and not every Internet user is going to click on PPC ads. Some Internet users go as far as not paying attention to ads for one reason or another. If you could get your website on the first page of the search engine results without using PPC, how much money would you save? Probably a decent amount. A blog is a tool that allows you to write keyword and key phrase rich posts about the niche that you are marketing. The search engines love well written quality content and Internet users do too.
  2. A blog can attract Internet users that may be looking for information, but are not yet ready to purchase the product(s) that you are marketing. If you provide insight on the niche in your blog, that can create trust. When the Internet user is ready to buy, the chance will go up that they will come back to you.
  3. A blog gives you a place to interact with potential buyers. Why would you want to interact with potential buyers of the products you are marketing? If you want people to click on your links or the ads you have on your website, then you need to create trust. If you post informative articles and information and then respond to the comments that Internet users leave, you are creating a sense of trust and community.
  4. Time is money and money is money. A blog is a very simple and quick way to share information and promote products. A blog is also a very inexpensive way to have a website. Many niche sites can easily get away with shared hosting and the cost of purchasing a domain name. The hosting and domain will cost less than a hundred dollars a year, which is next to nothing where business start up costs are concerned.

Yes, you can still market online without having a blog, but considering the low cost of maintaining one and all of the positives that a blog can bring to your Internet marketing campaigns, it doesn’t make any sense to go without.

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