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The Million Dollar Gap

What is the ITM?
A trend analytics engine specifically designed to aid Businesses in capitalizing on high-demand market segments within their own niche, competitor niche markets as well as any unforeseen niche markets that they may have not targeted yet.

What does it do?
The ITM's cutting edge technology is able to identify micro niche segments with millions of high-demand prospects that are appearing on the social web (blogs,Facebook, twitter and elsewhere) that traditional market research methods cannot possibly tap into on an "on-demand" basis.

How can large corporations and businesses benefit from it?
By monitoring social conversations on Facebook and Twitter for a chosen broad niche market, say e.g. "coca cola", the ITM can extract insights from millions of social conversations taking place daily on the social web that can allow coca-cola to identify large consumer bases who exhibit high demand in micro-targeted areas to do with coca cola, and implement super-targeted marketing strategies and campaigns to market the coca cola offering to the same, at potentially a fraction of the cost otherwise associated with traditional marketing media and brand-awareness oriented advertising.

Example scenario:
For example, a business not using ITM Technology would typically spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually, on brand awareness and mass-advertising using Media Acquisition on TV and online portals, but one that does use ITM Technology would target pre-determined segments of the market that specifically exhibit high demand and low advertiser competition, allowing the business to dramatically reduce cost per acquisition and dramatically increase sales volume simultaneously.

ITM Services
  1. Geo-Targeted Multi-Faceted Market Research using Intelligent Systems that are exponentially faster than traditional market research media and exponentially less in cost.
  2. Ability to track brand awareness and consumer sentiment in Geo-targeted market segments using a corporation's offering's key performance indicators as micro-niche keyword variations for highly relevant tracking and consumer behaviour assessments. This is several hundred times more accurate, research effective and financially beneficial in mass marketing and advertising media campaigns.
  3. Pre and Post product release analysis, consumer acceptance evaluation, consumer sentiment assessment and provision of key "improvement" indicators that no other market research firm or method can provide. Such improvement indicators give brands the cutting edge they need in tense business competition, leaving them with advance information to yield better pre and post-release revenues than the competition.
  4. The ITM Technology Framework allows any business or corporation to integrate the technology into their existing setup and architecture, with zero requirement for customization of any sort at the clients' end and complete independence from the ITM as a company, giving clients complete control and instant execution capabilities.
  5. Cutting-Edge Text Analytics technology that allows corporations to uncover hidden "profitable" insights from their existing customer feedback and sales data, to uncover the "voice of the customer" from "your" very own sales data that conventional market research methods fail to unearth any day.

Now Relevant.com

By using advanced cloud computing algorithms, the worldwide software project known as "The Internet Time Machine", when flipped around, is also a high powered search engine that has now opened up to the public. NowRelevant.com is the link to The Internet Time Machine's backend search engine that gives you every written word about a subject for the past 14 days. It monitors millions of sources and feeds to give you the most up to date and pertinent information on your subject. With the historical clutter that permeates the web (not all of the html pages are clutter, but much of it is irrelevant now) we decided to set up a complex system of filtering and algorithms to give you just discussions and information about your subject for the past 14 days only.

Contemporary Search Engines including the likes of Google, Yahoo!, Ask and BING have all been presenting the internet masses with most recent 'additions' to the web database, and have concerned themselves with making the most valuable of these new daily additions available to the public on a minute by minute, day to day basis. Such valuable resources include the latest running media information from blogs, news resources etc. Each of these search engines has set their own criteria to evaluate the desirability of a piece of information on the web, criteria being assessed through various search algorithms and other assessment algorithms such as the proprietary Google PageRank algorithm.

Search Engines are hence able to run PPC engines on top of their search interfaces. The advertising media being based purely on keywords input by users at the time of the search, and users of PPC Advertising services on these search engines have hence become a target for massive levels of spending incurred as a result of there being a serious lack of a 'targeted' and more 'focused' PPC engine that allows users to maximize on their PPC exposure by choosing keywords that they know are in demand, or have received considerable mention on the internet.

NowRelevant.com allows users of its PPC campaigns to access the wealth of its resources dating back chronologically to exactly 14 days from the time of their search. This enables both the viewers of search results as well as PPC advertisers to target their PPC campaigns to a specific set of keyword phrases that are bound to receive public attention no matter what, enabling advertisers to compete better on NowRelevant.com with a much lower advertiser competition ratio than found on any other search engine.

Users of NowRelevant.com's search facilities will be able to retrieve a specific subset of information dating back14 days, allowing them to immediately benefit from the most up to date and recently mentioned information. Users of the NowRelevant.com PPC engine will therefore be able to reap the benefits of a highly focused PPC campaign where advertiser competition for a specific set of keywords changes by the minute - it's based on the most recent information coming into our databases by the minute, so there's no chance of the same CPC levels staying for more than a minute either!

  The Internet Time Machine is a series of high powered cloud computer networks that are linked together to study internet keyword trends